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You deserve a place where you can go and feel accepted, no matter where you are during your journey. We understand the current fitness landscape, and how hard it can be to find a fitness home that is supportive, positive and motivating.  

We exist to help you become the best possible version of yourself, and to get 1% better every day.

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Epic Fitness
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Alisa LewisAlisa Lewis
15:21 27 Apr 23
I love Epic Fitness! I was feeling gross and out of shape after the pandemic and decided to try Epic. I don’t think I can go to any other gym now. The trainers are amazing and fun (and put up with my mostly fake complaints about working out). I love them. The other members are amazing as well. We all come in to work hard and also have a good time while doing our workouts. The workouts are tailored to our goals and the changes we wish to see in our bodies. I am in much better shape than when I started and found an awesome community that I didn’t even know I needed! Thanks for creating such a welcoming, judgment free atmosphere.
Teresa MarscoTeresa Marsco
17:35 25 Mar 23
Joining Epic Fitness over 6 years ago has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. After being a member of one of the "big box" gyms for many years, I knew I needed something different, something smaller, and something more personal. Epic has been that place! The coaches and staff are the best. They are so knowledgeable, they are warm and friendly, and they know me! They have helped me reach my personal fitness goals and at 51 years old I can honestly say I'm the strongest and possibly fittest I've ever been. I can't imagine not being a member at Epic. I love the family and community that they have created. Thank you Epic!
Ally AllenAlly Allen
22:23 11 Mar 23
I’ve been a member at Epic Fitness since 2015 and I can’t imagine joining any other gym. The sense of community along with the amazing, knowledge coaches is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. They have helped me build positive habits and I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been!
Chandana KanchanapallyChandana Kanchanapally
00:30 27 Jan 23
Epic Fitness is too awesome!! I have never had personal coaches before and everyone at Epic is extremely welcoming and friendly. They are open to listening to our opinions and make changes to the program such that they fit our body and goals.I was just there for a month but have seen so many changes in my energy levels and strength over the course of the program. It just boosted my confidence way too much 🤗Highly recommend Epic to anyone that loves to meet good people and have lots of fun while you exercise.
Tom AndersonTom Anderson
18:41 29 Dec 22
You’re either coming out of covid fit, fat, or dead. I really only wanted the first option. For the first eight months of covid, I gestated a flabby physique. I wasn’t getting out and it was really showing. So I made the decision to birth a better lifestyle and joined Epic Fitness.Being just two blocks from my house, and having heard good reviews of other “neighborhood gyms”, I chose to invest in myself and start working out regularly. Epic had taken significant steps to adapt to covid and that was just one hallmark of their dedication to excellence visible throughout the gym and business. The practices I found there were continued as covid waned and the gym moved to a new location.Epic Fitness has superb facilities with top-notch training gear. This is shown through available Glute Loops, exercise bands, mats, plates, hex bars, boxes, and training field, but, most of all, the knowledgeable instructors are always on hand for one-on-one help and guidance. And I don’t casually include them in this list of gear because Epic is truly centered around the experience of their members and their commitment to excellence is reflected in all their employees.Expect to be greeted with a smile every time you come and go, and by name. I didn’t stay at Epic just because of the staff but I’m proud now to call many of them friends.Workouts may be self-guided or under the immediate supervision of a trainer. Workouts are tailored to each individual. The trainers put together programs based on your level of fitness with new programs every dozen workouts. Epic is a Functional Strength Training program. This approach builds fitness as a body-whole slowly bringing your fitness up as a complete unit. The workouts are phone app-driven so you’ll see a phone or tablet next to everyone in the gym. But let me define who everyone is…It is very rare to ever have more than 10 members working out at the same time. This number is not facility size limited. It’s a part of Epic’s offering as a neighborhood gym. There are never less than two trainers in the gym and I’ve seen as many as six in there. Outnumbering the members is not unheard of. Epic is not a muscle-bound gym. The members are of respectable age and able to afford such a pristine environment. Loud grunting is only heard when Mitch makes a joke. These are everyday people who care about their health and make an effort to put in the effort.Coming from a big-box gym you may not appreciate all the amenities of Epic. But, if you go back to one, you’ll be in for a shock at what you put up with. Since becoming a member, the biggest takeaway for me is the know-how to work out correctly. I’ve worked out for most of my life but the techniques I learned at Epic are far and above everything I have learned before.I really appreciate the time I have spent working out at Epic Fitness. I lost significant weight and am keeping it off. I’m healthy and have good muscle fitness and I can do anything I ask of my body. Ben Fogel has really created something wonderful in Millcreek.
Kaelenn AllegraKaelenn Allegra
04:01 11 Sep 22
I’ve had such an incredible experience with Epic. The facility is clean, equipped, well maintained. The program was truly customized, no cookie cutter box gym bs template. The coaches and staff were some of the most authentic individuals I’ve ever interacted with. That is probably my favorite part. They took the time to listen, observe to make modifications, push me when I was ready or take it down a notch if needed. They were big on correct form, consistency, being supportive and motivating. Even on my worst days, I never once felt unwelcome or judged by the staff or any members. There is a community vibe in the gym if you want to be a part or if you’re more of a lone wolf you can easily be that role in this gym as well without prejudice. The classes are small, short, intense, effective. If anything constructive to say, I wish they had more operating hours and additional classes offered. The owner is local and very hands on. You can often find him at the gym coaching, teaching a class, working out, or just chatting with people. He is always responsive and friendly. I would highly recommend this gem of a gym to anyone considering getting their fitness on track!!
Em EddieEm Eddie
16:10 24 Aug 22
Put your trust in Epic Fitness. I wish I had joined earlier. The program plan, trainers and gym have all had a positive effect physically and mentally. I have been able to build strength and endurance while managing a chronic injury. The coaches are all knowledgeable, accessible and provide a safe individualized environment.
02:13 12 Aug 22
I’ve tried other gyms and other trainers, and nothing stuck for me. My husband convinced me to give Epic a try and from day 1 I felt comfortable and confident with the workouts they’ve given me. I needed to change my program to accommodate some physical therapy, and they’ve kept me on track and feeling my best. They always check in, always make changes when I need them and are incredibly knowledgeable.I feel better than I have felt in a long time, and it has positively affected every other aspect of my life. The trainers are all incredible, I love working with all of them. If you are looking for a gym, give Epic a try. You won’t regret it.
Alexis BranscombAlexis Branscomb
22:35 05 May 22
Epic fitness is the best gym ever! the staff is so helpful and accommodating to make you feel comfortable and push you to your fitness goals! definitely recommend if you’re looking to change your life and prioritize living a healthier lifestyle!!
Jamie PlutaJamie Pluta
16:51 30 Apr 22
Epic Fitness has changed my life. I have always been an active person, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and scuba diving. When the pandemic hit like most, I stopped my usual routine. I became inundated with pandemic response work. Then my best friend introduced me to Epic. I was welcomed with open arms.The coaches helped me finetune my form. They have taught me how to do exercises correctly without getting hurt. They have helped me bring out the best attributes in my body. But most importantly, they have helped me be grateful for who I am. They have helped me recognize the power that I have. They have supported me through challenges.Joining Epic Fitness family was the best fitness decision I have made. They have helped me to bring out the best version of myself. I am stronger, faster, and healthier than I have ever been. From fitness training to nutritional support there is no where I would rather be. Epic is my happy place.

Janice B.  “Since being a member of Epic, I have really learned what it means to have balance in my life.”

Steven J.  “I went from 326.6 to 226.6lbs, and it has completely transformed my life.”

Erin M.
 “I have reconnected to what it means and feels like to get stronger and how that carries over into the rest of my life!”

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Customized Program Design

What makes us different is that we deliver your own unique program in a very small, semi-private team environment.  We use a proprietary program design app that gives our coaches the ultimate tool to be able to get you results in the fastest amount of time.  

We want to make sure training quality is superior, and that we deliver results!  Based on your training goals, health history and your functional movement screen, we will build you the best plan for starting your health and fitness.


This is what really matters, from the way you feel to the results you get and the goals that you achieve. Your coach always knows your goal, and everything we do for you is based on achieving that goal.

Steven J.  Lost 100 pounds over the course of 1 year! 

Janice B. “I took my life back into control after 25 years!”

We believe in long term success and building off small achievements in order to be successful in achieving your goals!


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