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Here is what we are doing right now to make Epic Fitness the safest gym in the state to train in:

  1. We have an indoor and outdoor waiting area along with a sanitation station for all members prior to the start of their coaching session.
  2. We will be taking each member’s temperature when they enter the gym and doing a quick health assessment to make sure they have no symptoms. Any member with symptoms, or who have been in close contact with anyone who has been sick or shown symptoms, will be asked to go home. 
  3. All members will be asked to wash their hands upon entering/exiting the gym and to use hand sanitizer often during their session.  
  4. We have washable non-surgical masks available to every member along with disposable gloves to wear if you would like while working out.  
  5. At this time, we’re only opening up our semi-private coaching sessions with a maximum of three (4) members per coach and ten (10) members total in the gym, at any time, staying within ten (10) individual self-contained training “pods.” 
  6. Each of the ten (10) self-contained training pods are 250+ square feet and contains all of the equipment needed during the session for that individual client assigned to the pod. Also provided at each pod is a hospital grade sanitation station.
  7. Each coaching session will be 50 minutes long with a hard start and stop time followed by a 10-minute sanitation spray down to disinfect the pod and all of the equipment used.  
  8. The entire gym will be cleaned daily with a hospital grade disinfectant performed by our professional cleaning company. 
  9. We will abide by all social distancing guidelines and never have more than twelve (12) people total in the gym at any one time (including coaches). Each training pod is 250+ square feet which easily allows you to move around and stay 10 feet from each other.

Check out what our members are saying since re-opening! 

Charli G.  “This is the cleanest gym I have ever stepped foot in!”

Kiersten M.  “I feel safe and confident coming back into the gym.”

Brooke C.  “They ask you all of the correct screening questions that we also ask at the hospital.”

Tara H.  “The hospital standards and what you are doing are exactly the same!”

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Your body is unique and your coaching should be too! 

You deserve a place where you can go and feel accepted, no matter where you are during your journey. We understand the current fitness landscape, and how hard it can be to find a fitness home that is supportive, positive and motivating.  

We exist to help you become the best possible version of yourself, and to get 1% better every day.

We can’t wait to start working with you!

Customized Program Design

What makes us different is that we deliver your own unique program in a very small, semi-private team environment.  We use a proprietary program design app that gives our coaches the ultimate tool to be able to get you results in the fastest amount of time.  

We want to make sure training quality is superior, and that we deliver results!  Based on your training goals, health history and your functional movement screen, we will build you the best plan for starting your health and fitness.


This is what really matters, from the way you feel to the results you get and the goals that you achieve. Your coach always knows your goal, and everything we do for you is based on achieving that goal.

We believe in long term success and building off small achievements in order to be successful in achieving your goals!

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