Why Epic?

We upgrade lives daily.  We challenge the status quo of fitness, no ho-hum here.  We do training differently. We believe that since every individual is unique,  your training program should be unique as well.

We also believe that you deserve a place where you can go and feel accepted, no matter where you are during your journey.  We want to be the most inclusive and positive environment for you, and be the very best part of your day every day you are with us!

Check out some of our most recent success stories:

Audrey Workman and Kate Harvey – Audrey and Kate teamed up in our most recent challenge and had some amazing results.  Audrey lost over 10 total inches and 7.5% body fat and 19 total pounds of fat!  Check out her transformation below, as well as how instrumental Kate was in helping the team succeed!

Stacey Carroll-  Stacey had an amazing transformation and in a short 42 days lost 4.5% body fat, 7.5 inches total off her waist and hips, and 8.5 pounds of fat!  Check out Stacey’s story:

Dan Bailey – Dan has been such an inspiration to us all!  In a short 42 days he lost over 7% body fat, 5 total inches and 27 pounds of fat!  Check out Dan’s story:

Jacki Martin – Jacki has an amazing story to tell!  She started with us in a lot of pain and wasn’t sure where to start with her exercise and lifestyle journey.  Now, she knows exactly where she wants to go with her health and fitness!  Check out Jacki’s story:

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Customized Program Design


What makes us different, and what makes us better is that we deliver your own unique program in a very small, semi-private team environment.

We want to make sure training quality is superior, and that we deliver results!  Based on your training goals, health history and your functional movement screen, we will build you the best plan for starting your health and fitness.


This is what really matters, from the way you feel to the results you get and the goals that you achieve. Your coach always knows your goal, and everything we do for you is based on achieving that goal.

We believe in long term success and building off small achievements in order to be successful in achieving your goals!