What We Believe

Have fun and laugh regularly– We believe in having a great time with our clients and we want you to enjoy your time here while you are training with us.  You may notice that we love to tell jokes and make you laugh, that is just in our DNA!

Treat everyone like an appreciating asset– We believe that each client we work has their own unique starting point in fitness and in life.  We respect that and make sure that we are always making improvements to get better each time our clients come into the gym!  We love to ask the question, “Did you get better today?”  Like any appreciating asset, we want to make sure we are making solid improvements every day towards your goals and that we have your back every step of the way!

Be professional and always bring your best – We promise to always be at the top of our game while we are coaching and to always bring our best. We look forward to seeing you bringing your best as well!

Be focused and goal oriented– From your first visit, we will always be focused on your goals and what you want to accomplish.  We also understand that your goals may change over time. Let’s make sure we focus each month on your goals to ensure we are accomplishing everything together!

Constantly learn and always improve– We believe in ongoing education and bringing you the best, most relevant training information and recent research in our field.  The fitness landscape is constantly changing, and we like to be on the cutting edge with our education and expertise.  We have the right to change and upgrade your experience based on any new information we learn and implement.

Exceed expectations and provide legendary customer service– We always want your experience at the gym to “WOW” you!  It is our job to make this the best part of your day, and make this your “third” place to go – besides work and home – we want Epic Fitness to be your fitness home!

Have only good days and great days- We believe in making Epic Fitness an upbeat and a positive experience each and every time you are here. We believe that once you walk into our gym you will make it a good day or a great day!

Give back and serve the community– We believe in volunteering and giving back to serve our community to help others that may be in greater need than ourselves.  We support certain causes that are close to our hearts, and are committed to helping our community in a positive way.  

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