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As a business entrepreneur you know your most valuable asset is your work force. To get the most out of your business, you MUST get the most productivity out of your people. To get the most productivity out of your people, you must have a healthy and happy workplace.

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In a nutshell, the healthier your employees are, the more and better work they can do for you, and the better their quality of life will be. Happy employees create happy and healthy companies. This also creates a vibrant culture and amazing values inside your company as well.

The recognition of this has led to a business practice generally known as “corporate wellness.” Corporate wellness can look like many things – from offering free on-site health screenings, to offering different wellness, fitness or nutritional services on-site or off-site to employees.

What Epic Fitness specializes in is a complete solution that can be delivered on-site or off-site depending on the unique needs of the client.

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The Cost Of Being Unwell

American employers lose more than 300 billion dollars of productivity annually due to illness, sick days, absenteeism and sub-par performance (“presenteeism”).

For every dollar an employer spends on salaries and wages, they spend a minimum of an additional 10 cents on health insurance and workers compensation costs. This is above and beyond the unintentional and often unrecognized costs noted above.

Why is wellness so important in the corporate environment and at the workplace? Why should employers be concerned about their employees’ wellness?

The average employee misses 8.4 days annually due to illness or injury, totaling more than $63 billion nationwide. The employee with a serious or chronic condition (diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, cancer, etc.) misses 72 days annually, and works at a diminished capacity when present. Nationwide, more than 2.5 billion work days are reduced or lost completely.

Increased Camaraderie and Employee Morale

One of the “soft” benefits of a successful wellness program is increased camaraderie and loyalty in the employee ranks. As staff participates in wellness activities together and begin to see benefits, supporting each other in their successes, and assisting each other with challenges, they create a common bond that otherwise would not exist. Employees who hardly speak to each other during the work day due to divergent responsibilities can develop strong bonds through shared wellness activities.

Increased morale is a more difficult outcome to measure than the “hard” benefits mentioned above. One of the best ways to gauge it is to have the wellness team members informally survey employees on a periodic basis. Honest communication regarding loyalty and morale is notoriously challenging when employers ask their employees direct questions pertaining to such matters. However, if trusted colleagues ask less direct questions and pay careful attention to their answers and their behavior and interactions, they can provide valuable information.

Benefits of increased morale and loyalty include less turnover and higher productivity, although they are difficult to measure, they are desirable goals.

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