Why Should I Drink More Water?

Chances are, you don’t drink enough water. Approximately 75% of Americans are reported to be chronically dehydrated. That’s three out of four people! It’s hard to remember to drink water throughout the day, especially if you have a busy schedule. However, dehydration could be causing a myriad of symptoms. Start by carrying a water bottle around with you; it will bring your attention to hydration more often, hopefully increasing your water intake.


Goals Are Key




One of the keys to success is setting goals. If we actively think about what we want our outcome to be, we are that much closer to building a clear picture of how we will get there. If we passively do things because maybe, one day, it will do us some good, progress rarely follows. So, sit down for 10 minutes are write down some of your goals! If anything, it will align you with thoughts and actions that will begin to help you achieve those goals, now that you have clearly recognized them as such.

Your Body Will Thank You!


But seriously, you reap the quantifiable benefits of exercise through both your mind and your body! Here are some of the many good things that come from exercise in any capacity:

  1. Energy! The act of exercising allows oxygen and nutrients to be delivered more readily to your tissues. Also, the long-term cardiovascular improvements that come from consistent exercise mean that your heart and lungs will work more efficiently, giving you more energy.
  2. Weight Control! This is an obvious one for most, but it is unequivocally necessary for function of all body systems, and it boosts self-esteem! Win-win.
  3. A Better Mood! That’s right – if you’re feeling down, working out might be the last thing you want to do. But, it has been proven to be a natural mood enhancer. Exercise releases a variety of happy brain chemicals, like endorphins. The act of exercising may even just make you feel better about yourself, which is a great way to improve your mood.
  4. Libido! Exercise can enhance your libido in more ways than one. Mainly, exercise releases testosterone which increases “the urge” in both males and females!
  5. Prevents disease! Likelihood of conditions like heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes (type II), and many more, is dramatically decreased if you are at a healthy weight and exercise consistently. Physical activity makes our bodies produce HDL, the “good” cholesterol which battles unhealthy triglycerides.




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You’ve Got This!

When we decide to work on our physiques and improve our health and wellbeing, our bodies are not the only thing that begin to change and strengthen. Making the commitment to health is a huge test of willpower and mind vigor. Building confidence and strength of mind works the same as building our muscles – your work every single day adds to your overall success. So, make yourself proud today and let’s work together to develop our overall fitness. Consistency is key!




We all know how hard it can be sometimes to keep up with our goals. There is always a “reason” why we don’t have time or energy to work out. Learn to recognize your excuses and decide to be stronger than your strongest excuse. There is always time to move our bodies, even if it is only for five minutes. Take a walk, do 3 sets of 10 push-ups, or 20 jumping jacks on the minute every minute for 5 minutes. Anything is progress! Be strong. Be EPIC!


I Repeat!

Spring is in the air, and summer is just around the corner. We’re here to tell you the secret to getting your summer body….ready for it? Ok, here it is…The secret is that there is no secret. There is no potion and there are no tricks. It’s simple, really. Workout, Eat Clean, and repeat! Make it happen!