Can Broccoli and Deadlifts Save Your Life?

Have you ever been so excited about a new exercise or diet program only to find it too confusing or hard to follow?  You may have started off with some great intentions, only to learn the hard fact of what we have come to know as “decision aversion.”  When we are given too many choices or options with a nutrition plan or a workout program, it becomes too hard to choose what to do or where to start.

Ultimately when we are faced with too many options, we usually choose nothing at all. 

With nutrition, if you have to count every calorie of food you eat, weigh and measure every ounce of protein, how likely are you to stick with this plan?  We actually know how long because we have tested it – about 10 days!  Ten days is all you will get when you are forcing your brain to do all of this unnecessary work to figure out your “Macros” and count your calories.

What is the alternative then?  We actually like to keep it relatively simple.  A very well-known strength coach, Dan John, once told me, “If you got all of your clients to eat protein, veggies and drink water 90% of the time, you would be the most successful fat loss expert in the world!”  If we look at this advice as “simple, but not easy” then we are off to a good start.  As we look at nutrition for our clients much more simply, there is more clarity as well.  This is where broccoli comes in.

Why broccoli?  You may ask.  Broccoli has been called by many nutritional experts one of the world’s healthiest foods!  It has a great source of Vitamins C and K which can help healing, collagen formation and protect you from free radicals. Broccoli has also been cited for anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties as well as a great food in the battle against cancer.

Therefore, when you eat broccoli, you know you are doing something absolutely great for your body.  Think of the last time you ate broccoli.  Did you have the urge to eat more than what was on your plate because it had “addictive” qualities like potato chips or french fries?  Absolutely not!  What is great about this vegetable, and just about every vegetable in that case, is that you will become fuller faster and you won’t overeat – which is really the #1 cause of obesity in the world!

Eat more broccoli and you will become in charge of how much you eat which will lead to fat loss – we love that idea! 

Now let’s talk a little more about exercise and how to simplify this part of your life, and where deadlifts come in.  There are more exotic training methods out there than ever before (thank you Instagram and the Internet!).  What we are really looking for is not more choices on how to perform a fancy squat or sexy “core” exercise – what we really need to do here is simplify.

What has worked really well for us, is setting our clients up for success by giving them options throughout the year based not only on the time of year it is, but also on their goal.  We know we can’t work on fat loss 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year – it is just not sustainable.  Can we work on fat loss for 6 – 8 weeks at a time though?  Absolutely!  This is where a lot of our challenges come into play, and we have 3 – 4 of them a year to really push clients closer towards their goals.  But that is only about half of the year.  What do you do the other half of the year?  You keep moving forward and continue to “punch the clock” to sustain those results you achieved during the challenges.  We write our programs based off of an annual plan with all of the challenges in the gym and any roadblocks you may encounter along the way.

Ok, back to deadlifts.  Why deadlifts?  Deadlifts are really what we have found to be the “biggest bang for your buck” exercise in the gym.  Since you pick up and set down things pretty much every day in your life, why not get better at this very functional exercise. It is a total body lift, requires strength from the upper and lower body and you will notice as you do deadlifts more often, you will be able to lift more!

If you are a woman the next thing you may be asking yourself is, “Won’t lifting weights – especially doing deadlifts make me bulk up?”  The very short answer is no.  This article isn’t meant to dive into this topic too much.  The truth is at Epic Fitness every woman that does strength training adds lean muscle to their body, and in turn lowers body fat.  Then this funny thing happens – their waistline shrinks!

This is no miracle, it is just the power of strength training and adding total body, multi-joint movements into your routine, just like deadlifts.  I would even argue that eating broccoli daily (or really any green, fibrous vegetable) along with deadlifting once a week and strength training three times a week could actually change your life in a way that could help you live even longer!

Here is my plea to everyone out there – let us work on making the world of nutrition and strength training less confusing and such a polarizing topic.  Let’s continue to make it simple (not easy) and start a routine to stay consistent for many, many years to come!

Are you ready to start a routine and looking for a guide to help you get started with a very reasonable, tested and trusted process?  We would love to be in your corner.  Click below to schedule your FREE strategy session with us to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

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Upgrade Your Planks!

Coach Robert does an excellent job showing us how to progress our planks. Here are just a few variations that we use at the gym!


1. “Hardstyle” Front Plank – The “secret” here is to first start from the heels and drive the heels together.  This small movement ensures the feet are together and that you are beginning to “pressurize” the entire body, from your toes to your nose!  Then drive the knees together (this will help turn your leg muscles “on”) then drive your elbows through the mat and down towards your ribcage, engaging all of your upper body muscles!

Once you get into the “Hardstyle” position, don’t attempt to hold this for more than 10-15 seconds maximum.  The goal of this position is to turn on as many muscles as possible and to get a maximal co-contraction of the ab muscles!  This is not where you try to hold a plank for up to a minute or longer, then this drill no longer becomes useful.  You can, however perform 3-5 holds for 10-15 seconds at a time and reap amazing benefits here.

Really focus on maintaining a neutral spine – the best way to describe a neutral spine is when you are standing, you want to have that same curve in your back as when you are in a plank – not too much curve (hyper-extending) and not a big loss of curve (flexing).

2. Front Plank with arm reach – As a progression, the goal here is not to rotate, while maintaining a neutral spine while taking an arm off the ground. The feet can be about shoulder width apart.

You can progress how long you will hold the arm off the ground – we like to start with 2-3 seconds at a time, and 5-6 repetitions per arm.

3. Front Plank with leg reach – The goal here is to barely lift the leg, while driving the heel to the wall behind you, not the toe.

All of the same progressions apply as the arm reach!

4. Front Plank with arm and leg reach – This progression is one we don’t use too often at the gym, as it is a big progression from just lifting one arm or one leg. Now the goal is to reach with the opposing arm and leg while pretending to keep a glass of water on your back!  Do not attempt this progression until you have become perfect with the arm reach and leg reach exercises.

Give these plank progressions a try, and you will never get tired of doing planks!

How to perfect your Push-up and Row!

Today  we have coach Elena helping us with our technique and form with the TRX Row and the TRX Push-up. These are two great upper body movements we use at the gym everyday, and we wanted to share with you the best way to perform them!

1. TRX Row – Common fault – Not maintaining a “plank” position during your row, or what we like to call the “floppy fish!”

Correction – Keep a straight line from your toes to your nose, while focusing on slowly driving your thumbs towards your armpits. PRO-TIP – Pretend you have a piece of plywood behind your back. Don’t punch your elbows through the plywood, just tap the board. Also, you can pretend you have a pencil between your shoulderblades and you want to “pinch the pencil!”

2. TRX Push-Up – Common fault – The elbows flaring out away from the body causing the shoulders to “shrug” towards the ears.

Correction – Focus on rotating the handles ever so slightly towards your rib cage, allowing the elbows to draw in at about a 45 degree angle from the body. When done correctly, as you lower in the push up, it should feel exactly the same as the pulling position of the row – driving the shoulder blades together and down and back!

Dan Bailey shares how his failure turned into success!

Epic Fitness Member, Dan B. joined our Precision Nutrition Coaching Program 3 months ago, and he wanted to really highlight how his past failures have lead to some amazing successes!
Before he joined the program, he had done pretty much all of our shorter time-based challenges with huge success, but he couldn’t figure out a way to sustain the results.
What he found in the Precision Nutrition Program was a sustainable way to change his habits over the long term, without having to worry about getting on a “diet” at all!
Dan is a perfect example of how just the act of “showing up” every day and not quitting, even if you are struggling in the process, can lead to huge success over the long term.

Dani’s Epic Journey

We are so excited to be sharing the story of Dani R.

Dani started her journey with us almost 1 year ago during our “Drop 2 Sizes” transformation program.  What she got out of the program was so much more than fat loss.  In her own words:

“The past 8 weeks have definitely been a journey! There were many ups and downs but looking back I can see how all of the downs helped guide me and make me stronger to climb back up. I think the biggest thing I learned is that we are all on a journey and the journey never ends.

I have spent a lifetime comparing myself to other people-she’s skinnier, he’s stronger, she’s healthier, he’s faster, she’s more determined, he’s happier. Over the past few weeks I’ve still been comparing myself to others but what I’m starting to realize is we are all different and everyone journey has ups and downs and no one has reached the end if we are still living. This has helped me to realize I’m never going to reach the “end “goal. I’ll achieve goals for sure, but I will always have something else I want to achieve on the horizon. And now I’m starting to get it, that the journey is the thing. It’s about being happy someday, its than being on the journey and working towards something is the ways to be happy.

Do I still have fitness goals? Do I still have inches of fat to lose? Yes! Can I still treat my body with more respect with the foods I consume? YES! But I’m starting to realize I achieve my satisfaction and happiness I hoped for at the “end” not at the end but in every workout, in every meal prep, in every time I say no to the sugary treat I don’t really need, I feel happy at the gym when I ‘m around other people who are also on a journey.

It’s my life, my journey, my choice. I chose to keep moving forward, I choose my choices and I choose health and happiness all throughout my journey.

I choose to celebrate every day of my journey by being active participant and architect of my journey with the choices I make, every day.”

Are you ready to start with a challenge, get a kickstart with your routine be an active participant and architect of your journey?  The “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge can be a perfect solution for you!

Check out more information and apply below and see how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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MaryLynne’s Epic Journey

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, MaryLynne! MaryLynne is a true example of why so many people need a “challenge” to get started.

The reasons she did a challenge was to:


– Stop feeling sluggish
– Start a new routine, and become re-invigorated

– Have a coach to design a plan, so she didn’t need to think about what to do

The reasons she keeps coming back after almost 4 years is because:

– She continues to see RESULTS!
– She now has energy
– She feels great about herself
– She doesn’t want to stop
– It is fun, and the members, the coaches and the community are amazing – it is like a family!
– She is no longer pre-diabetic!

– She wanted to feel better than how she had been feeling, and now she does!

What MaryLynne realized is once she made working out and healthy habits a daily routine in her life, she made a decision to never quit! Check out below what keeps MaryLynne coming back and also her advice to anyone on how to get started.
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Stacey’s Epic Journey!

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, Stacy! Stacy started with us having a passion for rock climbing, and knew she needed to get stronger to be able to climb with more strength and stamina.
What Stacy realized is once she made her workouts a priority, they became a habit and a regular part of her day! Check out below what keeps Stacy coming back and also her advice to anyone on the fence about hiring a professional to help with reaching their goals!
Check out Stacy’s entire story below!


Are you ready to make working out a part of your daily routine?  Are you ready to take your fitness and health to the next level?  If you have answered yes to these two questions, we would love to be in your corner for our upcoming “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge!

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Kayla’s Epic Journey!

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, Kayla Smith! Like so many, she was in a lot of physical pain before she started, and knew she needed to find something that would help get her feeling like herself again.

We are all so grateful to have Kayla on our team! She puts a smile on everyones face when she is at the gym, and adds so much to our Epic community!

In Kayla’s words: “I keep coming back to Epic Fitness because of the results, because of the community, because this has become a place where I can let the rest of the world go and invest in myself and feel better!”

Are you ready to invest in your health and your future?  Are you ready for a kickstart that will re-frame the way you look at your health and wellness?  If you have answered yes to these two questions, we would love to be in your corner for our upcoming “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge!

Check out more information below, and how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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Sophie’s Success Story

We are so excited to have the opportunity to share Epic Fitness Rockstar member, Sophie’s story! Sophie has been a member now for over 3+  years, and truly lives and breathes our mission to get 1% better every day!
Sophie shares with us the most critical parts of her experience that has helped her the most over the past few years.
Before she joined Epic Fitness she was trying to do everything on her own, and didn’t have the guidance she felt like she needed.
What she found at Epic Fitness was the accountability, a team of coaches to help her push beyond what she would normally do on her own, and the community to help her reach a ton of her goals!
Just a few of the many things she has been able to attribute to being a member are feeling stronger than she ever has, and seeing a huge spike in her endurance and energy levels!


Do you feel like you would do great with extra support and accountability?  Are you ready to have more energy than any time in the past, and are you ready to commit to yourself over the next 8 weeks?!  If you have answered yes to these two questions, we would love to be in your corner for our upcoming “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge!

Check out more information below, and how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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