Part One – “My Story”

Epic Fitness Owner, Ben Fogel shares his story of how the gym started, his battle with Leukemia and how the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) changed his life.

We are excited to be a part of the Man of the Year Campaign through the LLS, and are excited to give back starting on Tuesday, March 5th 2019!  The first event we will have will be at the gym on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 with an Epic Fitness Charity Workout!

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How Many Meals Do I Need To Eat A Day?

A question we get a lot at the gym, and especially during some of our challenges is: “Should I eat 6 meals a day with small snacks throughout the day, or 3 main meals a day?”  This question is obviously assuming you are already having breakfast, lunch and dinner each day already, and you are wondering if having smaller, more frequent meals is the answer to fat loss.

Here is some of the research.  There have been a few studies from the past several years that came out showing how eating more frequently will help you lose weight. The logic is that the more meals you eat the more you’ll “stoke” the metabolic fire and burn calories (as eating alone literally has a thermogenic effect). So, we started using that logic at the gym.  6 small meals must be better than just 3 big ones, right?!

As that theory “sounds” correct and is an appealing approach to some, research has shown otherwise.

Multiple studies have shown that eating more frequently versus 3 bigger meals were equally beneficial. There was NO difference in weight loss or metabolism.

You do gain a slight metabolic raise when you eat, but it doesn’t have anything to do with how frequently the meals are consumed but rather how much in total calories that you consume.

One study showed that when the calories were matched, the metabolism had the same reaction.  It didn’t matter if the participants ate 6 meals or 3.

Now, what does this all mean?  Well, this is actually great news!  You don’t have to follow any one way. You can choose a frequency that works for your schedule, your lifestyle, and your happiness.

Another thing to consider: if you are able to start on a schedule of eating consistently 3 meals a day, as opposed to 6, you have that many less opportunities and times to make a small “slip” or mistake in your nutrition or planning. Figuring out what to eat, including snacks, shakes, bars, etc can be stressful, especially when you are just first starting out on a new nutritional plan.

Let’s just say you are eating one meal a day right now, and moving up to 3 meals a day feels daunting. Your goal would be to just try to get a second meal/snack in during the day, and track it in a nutrition “journal.”

Most people have a problem with their awareness around what they actually eat—not how much their eating. That’s why we start everyone with tracking and journaling everything you eat in the beginning.  A study by Kaiser Permanente showed that those who document what they eat literally doubled their weight loss results.

If we told you by just tracking, you could improve your fat loss results by 100%, would you do it?!

Heres the big takeaway – Try to find an eating frequency that fits your schedule and start documenting your food choices to give yourself every chance to see success!  

There are so many “Diets” out there right now, from Keto to Intermittent Fasting, to Low Carb, High Protein, etc, etc.  Everyone who says they are a “professional” in this field that are pushing these diets to make a buck, are truly not professionals.  Nutrition needs to be made simple by using the basics (remember, I said simple, not easy!)  If you are going to start with one small change, I would stick with the takeaway above.

If you are looking for guidance and accountability on this topic, our 5th annual “New Year New You” Challenge Kickoff Seminar is this Saturday, Jan. 26th at 10:30am, where you can learn all of these things and more in a very inclusive and positive environment over a 42 day journey.

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In Their Own Words – Tenille

We are so excited to share Tenille’s story!  Tenille has been a member for several months now, and she started with us not having any experience inside a gym and never had stepped foot inside a gym before.  She talks about some of the obstacles she had to overcome to really feel comfortable in a space where she felt a deep sense of accomplishment, accountability and support.

Here is more from Tenille:

“The past eight weeks has helped me realize what I’m capable of especially when I feel supported by family and friends, and even my new friends at Epic Fitness. When I started eight weeks ago I had never stepped foot in a gym before to solely workout. Now I enjoy learning new moves and am feeling my body and mind getting stronger each week. Thanks to the Epic Fitness team of awesome coaches who have helped my embrace the powerful, strong, and vibrant person that I am! Epic has helped me be bold about my fears and insecurities that I’ve had over going to the gym. Not only have I noticed, but my close friends and family have as well.

I feel I’ve encountered a few obstacles along the way which in the past would have set me on the course of giving up all together. Fortunately, I’ve learned new ways of coping with these obstacles. Our accountability meetings were set in place once a week to help up along in our journey. I feel meeting together really helped me because I could hear others talk about their own struggles, which in turn helped me realize I’m not alone. We all have struggles, just don’t let them define us.

I am proud of what I’ve achieved. I can’t say I’d do anything different.  It was much harder physically and mentally for me.  I’m a smoker or I should say former smoker! And this journey has helped me to quit for good!!! It’s always a struggle and will always be a struggle.  I’d finally learned I’m worth it!

I’ve also learned healthy living is about feeling strong, focused, and positive.  It’s helped me to be bold and eat well which in turn live well and enjoy my life every day to the fullest.  I know I am getting stronger every day.  My family is getting stronger every day.  All of Epic’s support and positive encouragement has helped me more than you’ll ever know.  I am grateful for this journey and all that I’ve learned along the way!”

If you are ready to make more change physically and emotionally than any other time in the past, our “New Year New You” Challenge is the perfect fit!  This has been our most popular program of the year, and sells out every year.  We have limited space in this program, so we can give the best experience possible!  Click the link below to learn more and to apply to make sure we are the best fit for you and your goals.

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In Her Own Words – Dani R.

We are so excited to share Dani’s story.  Dani started with us several months ago in our fall challenge.  She came in with some different expectations than what she left with and her outlook on working out, life and happiness is amazing! Here is Dani, in her own words.

“The past 8 weeks have definitely been a journey! There were many ups and downs but looking back I can see how all of the downs helped guide me and make me stronger to climb back up. I think the biggest thing I learned is that we are all on a journey and the journey never ends.  I have spent a lifetime comparing myself to other people-she’s skinnier, he’s stronger, she’s healthier, he’s faster, she’s more determined, he’s happier.

Over the past few weeks I’ve still been comparing myself to others but what I’m starting to realize is we are all different and everyone journey has ups and downs and no one has reached the end if we are still living.  This has helped me to realize I’m never going to reach the “end “goal.  I’ll achieve goals for sure, but I will always have something else I want to achieve on the horizon. And now I’m starting to get it, that the journey is “the thing.”  It’s about being happy someday, its than being on the journey and working towards something is the ways to be happy. Do I still have fitness goals? Do I still have inches of fat to lose? Yes! Can I still treat my body with more respect with the foods I consume?  YES! But I’m starting to realize I achieved my satisfaction and happiness I hoped for at the “end” not at the end but in every workout, in every meal prep, in every time I say no to the sugary treat I don’t really need.  I feel happy at the gym when I ‘m around other people who are also on a journey.  And maybe their end goal is different than mine, but we are all at the gym working on our journey and giving it all we have at that moment to better ourselves just a little bit.

I’ve really appreciated this challenge and its real life approach.  I finally don’t feel like I am dieting for 8 weeks to lose X number of pounds and then I can finally stop dieting. I finally feel like I am changing my diet for life. I am changing my diet to fit the life I want which is health and happiness. And now when I eat things that aren’t the healthiest I am aware of the choice a d accept control of the choice. Then the most important thing I have learned is to get back to may goals and healthy eating choices as soon as possible. I’m learning not to beat myself up for choices I’ve made but to acknowledge my choices and my choices and move forward making choices in the future that align with my life goals and vision.

It’s my life, my journey, my choice. I chose to keep moving forward, I choose my choices and I choose health and happiness all throughout my journey.

I choose to celebrate every day of my journey by being active participant and architect of my journey with the choices I make, every day.”

If you are ready to look at making sustainable change over the long term, but really need a “kick start”,  our upcoming “New Year New You” Challenge could be the perfect fit for you!

Check out more information on how you can make true, sustainable change over the long term!

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Member Spotlight – Tara H.

We are so proud to share Epic Fitness Rockstar Tara’s story!  Tara has been a member now for 2 years, and what she has been able to accomplish during that time is nothing short of amazing!

Check out below to learn more about:

  • :20 – How Tara was feeling before she joined Epic Fitness
  • :47 – What made Tara decide to join Epic Fitness
  • 1:07 – Some of the results that Tara has seen since becoming a member
  • 1:17 – Why Tara keeps coming back to Epic Fitness

If you are ready to look at making sustainable change over the long term, but really need a “kick start”,  our upcoming “New Year New You” Challenge could be the perfect fit for you!

Right now and before Christmas, we are having a special 5 year anniversary special, where you can save $100 off your entry to our 5th annual New Year New You Challenge!

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Member Spotlight – MaryLynne Cortez

Epic Fitness Rockstar Member, MaryLynne shares her story of the past 3 years with us below.  MaryLynne is the perfect example of someone who thought she would just try the gym out for 6 weeks and complete a challenge, then go back to trying to do it all on her own.

What she learned is that it was the people, the community, and the coaches that kept her coming back for more every day!

Check out her inspiring story below.


If you are ready to look at making sustainable change over the long term, but really need a “kick start” our upcoming “New Year New You” Challenge could be the perfect fit for you!

Right now and before Christmas, we are having a special 5 year anniversary special, where you can save $100 off your entry to our 5th annual New Year New You Challenge!

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Member Spotlight – Doug H.

We are so excited to be sharing Doug’s success story!  Doug has such a great story to share, including:

  • :21 – Why Doug decided to join Epic Fitness
  • :34 – The difference that Doug feels since he has joined the gym!
  • 1:02 – What keeps doug coming back to Epic Fitness
  • 1:20 – Doug gives advice if you are thinking about joining Epic Fitness


Member Spotlight – Charlene Dansie

We are so excited to share Charlene Dansie’s story.  A member of over 2 years now, Charlene talks about how she has been able to overcome so much!  Some of the things Charlene shares in her interview:

  1. What she was doing before she joined Epic Fitness and how she was feeling.
  2. Why she decided to join as a member.
  3. How Epic Fitness has impacted her life.
  4. Some specific results Charlene has achieved since being a member (including losing over 40 pounds of fat!)
  5. Why she keeps coming in every day…and more!

Check it out below: