Dani’s Epic Journey

We are so excited to be sharing the story of Dani R.

Dani started her journey with us almost 1 year ago during our “Drop 2 Sizes” transformation program.  What she got out of the program was so much more than fat loss.  In her own words:

“The past 8 weeks have definitely been a journey! There were many ups and downs but looking back I can see how all of the downs helped guide me and make me stronger to climb back up. I think the biggest thing I learned is that we are all on a journey and the journey never ends.

I have spent a lifetime comparing myself to other people-she’s skinnier, he’s stronger, she’s healthier, he’s faster, she’s more determined, he’s happier. Over the past few weeks I’ve still been comparing myself to others but what I’m starting to realize is we are all different and everyone journey has ups and downs and no one has reached the end if we are still living. This has helped me to realize I’m never going to reach the “end “goal. I’ll achieve goals for sure, but I will always have something else I want to achieve on the horizon. And now I’m starting to get it, that the journey is the thing. It’s about being happy someday, its than being on the journey and working towards something is the ways to be happy.

Do I still have fitness goals? Do I still have inches of fat to lose? Yes! Can I still treat my body with more respect with the foods I consume? YES! But I’m starting to realize I achieve my satisfaction and happiness I hoped for at the “end” not at the end but in every workout, in every meal prep, in every time I say no to the sugary treat I don’t really need, I feel happy at the gym when I ‘m around other people who are also on a journey.

It’s my life, my journey, my choice. I chose to keep moving forward, I choose my choices and I choose health and happiness all throughout my journey.

I choose to celebrate every day of my journey by being active participant and architect of my journey with the choices I make, every day.”

Are you ready to start with a challenge, get a kickstart with your routine be an active participant and architect of your journey?  The “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge can be a perfect solution for you!

Check out more information and apply below and see how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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MaryLynne’s Epic Journey

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, MaryLynne! MaryLynne is a true example of why so many people need a “challenge” to get started.
The reasons she did a challenge to start was to:
– Stop feeling sluggish
– Start a new routine, and become re-invigorated
– Have a coach to design a plan, so she didn’t need to think about what to do
The reasons she keeps coming back after almost 4 years is because:
– She continues to see RESULTS!
– She now has energy
– She feels great about herself
– She doesn’t want to stop
– It is fun, and the members, the coaches and the community are amazing – it is like a family!
– She is no longer pre-diabetic!
– She wanted to feel better than how she had been feeling, and now she does!
What MaryLynne realized is once she made working out and healthy habits a daily routine in her life, she made a decision to never quit! Check out below what keeps MaryLynne coming back and also her advice to anyone on how to get started.

Are you ready to start with a challenge, get a kickstart with your routine and see where it takes you?  The “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge can be a perfect solution for you!

Check out more information below and see how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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Stacey’s Epic Journey!

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, Stacy! Stacy started with us having a passion for rock climbing, and knew she needed to get stronger to be able to climb with more strength and stamina.
What Stacy realized is once she made her workouts a priority, they became a habit and a regular part of her day! Check out below what keeps Stacy coming back and also her advice to anyone on the fence about hiring a professional to help with reaching their goals!
Check out Stacy’s entire story below!


Are you ready to make working out a part of your daily routine?  Are you ready to take your fitness and health to the next level?  If you have answered yes to these two questions, we would love to be in your corner for our upcoming “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge!

Check out more information below (as well as how to save $50!), and how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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Kayla’s Epic Journey!

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, Kayla Smith! Like so many, she was in a lot of physical pain before she started, and knew she needed to find something that would help get her feeling like herself again.

We are all so grateful to have Kayla on our team! She puts a smile on everyones face when she is at the gym, and adds so much to our Epic community!

In Kayla’s words: “I keep coming back to Epic Fitness because of the results, because of the community, because this has become a place where I can let the rest of the world go and invest in myself and feel better!”

Are you ready to invest in your health and your future?  Are you ready for a kickstart that will re-frame the way you look at your health and wellness?  If you have answered yes to these two questions, we would love to be in your corner for our upcoming “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge!

Check out more information below, and how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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Sophie’s Success Story

We are so excited to have the opportunity to share Epic Fitness Rockstar member, Sophie’s story! Sophie has been a member now for over 3+  years, and truly lives and breathes our mission to get 1% better every day!
Sophie shares with us the most critical parts of her experience that has helped her the most over the past few years.
Before she joined Epic Fitness she was trying to do everything on her own, and didn’t have the guidance she felt like she needed.
What she found at Epic Fitness was the accountability, a team of coaches to help her push beyond what she would normally do on her own, and the community to help her reach a ton of her goals!
Just a few of the many things she has been able to attribute to being a member are feeling stronger than she ever has, and seeing a huge spike in her endurance and energy levels!


Do you feel like you would do great with extra support and accountability?  Are you ready to have more energy than any time in the past, and are you ready to commit to yourself over the next 8 weeks?!  If you have answered yes to these two questions, we would love to be in your corner for our upcoming “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge!

Check out more information below, and how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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5 Food Rules to Live By – Part 3

Food Rule #3 – Be Aware of food labels making health claims!

First, let us quickly review our first 2 food rules to live by.  1. Real food always trumps any edible food like substance.  2. Eating slowly and to 80% full helps you to consume less and brings a mindful practice to meal times. These first two practices will assist you in your fat loss quest, will improve your digestion, recovery, and fitness performance. Above all they will support you in becoming the healthiest version of you, in your MIND and BODY!

Food rule # 3 relates to our vulnerability to media, social interactions, and the decisions we make. The intention of this rule is to bring about awareness and explain how marketing companies don’t have your best interest in mind when it comes to food and food advertising.

Hundreds of times a day we are bombarded with health information, nutrition facts, and food fallacies.  They infiltrate all corners of our lives. We have friends suggesting unconventional (ie Celery Juice diet) fat loss methods that cure all, because they tried it for a week.  Food companies create confusion, try to mislead, and are downright dirty in their marketing attempts to you to buy their products!

This is what is called Health fraud.   Health fraud is defined as “a misrepresentation of health claims” and can range from a self-proclaimed medical expert who has discovered a so-called “miracle cure,” to a food supplement or drug that is promoted with unsubstantiated health claims.

It can be challenging to tease out the truth behind the labels and decipher true science-based nutrition information.

Recommendations can promise a quick fix…







They make simplistic conclusions such as “whole grain” and that somehow makes these products healthier…





And the claim that sounds too good to be true-fat free cookie…





Because food marketing can be misleading and generally confusing, here is what  you can do to make the best choice:

  1. Assess the claim and decided if it if useful to you.  Will this food help you to perform better, recover, and assist you in becoming a healthier version of yourself?
  2. Look carefully at how the product is presented to you. Is it appealing to your emotions?  Does it have a sexy package?
  3. Compare the front label to the back label. Does the health claim support the ingredients and nutrient content of the food?
  4. Use your instincts. Pick foods that are true to your goals. Real food does not include an ingredients list a mile long.

Imperfect foods are going to be eaten, that is okay, and when they are don’t dwell or beat yourself up over it.  Find the best choice for you and your situation.

If you would like to talk more in depth about our approach to nutrition and work side by side our Precision Nutrition Certified coach, apply now for the upcoming Precision Nutrition Coaching Program.  We only take a small number of clients each year into this program, and we would love to learn more about how we can help you.

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5 Food Rules to Live By – Rule #2 Eat a little slower…

Food Rule # 2 – Eat slow and to 80% full
By: Elena Rocco, CSCS, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

In the first rule, we talked about eating real food.  Foods that once came from a plant and were not made in a plant, foods that are minimally processed and have a list of ingredients that a 3rd grader can pronounce, and foods full of bright colors that will perish if not eaten within in a week. By just replacing processed food with REAL food you can make a huge impact on your overall health!

Food Rule #2 has nothing to do with food particularly but relates to the practices of eating and how we can become more mindful when we eat.

As a Precision Nutrition Coach, I see these two daily practices as the most important to focus on a daily basis. These two practices will trump all other “diets”, and aside from anything else, will help you to become healthy in your MIND and your BODY!

By following this rule, as simple as it sounds, you will undoubtedly support your quest to reach your goals. This food rule will last you a lifetime, not just 6 weeks or until that celery juice starts to taste really bad every morning. This rule focuses on the mindful practice of eating and tuning into your body and begin to recognize the cues it is sending us!


It takes the brain close to 20 minutes to catch up the stomach.  Here is the quick science behind what happens when you eat:

Food enters the stomach, then the stomach stretches and activates stretch Receptors which sends a message back to the medulla oblongata (your brain via the vagus nerve) and then back to stomach.  This “satiety signal” takes time, and the entire “back and forth” process takes around 20 minutes!  When we are rushed, not focusing on eating, eating in our cars or in front of the T.V., and just eating way too fast we are distracted and generally not thinking about our pace and being present with our food.

So what ends up happening is we eat fast and in 5 minutes have finished  our meal!  Because the brain has not caught up the stomach we feel unsatiated, want more food, and tend to go back for seconds or dessert.  The brain finally catches up with our stomach and BAM we are now stuffed! For the next few hours, we feel bloated and uncomfortably full.

By taking 20 minutes to eat your meal you will improve digestion, eat less-which, in turn, will lead to sustainable weight loss and maintenance.  You will also be more hydrated because you will be drinking water between bites, and feel more satisfied with your meal!

How to eat slowly (definitely try this at home):

  • Set a timer for 20 minutes and make your meal last!
  • Set your fork down between bites!  (try a sip of water here)
  • Eliminate distractions: sit at a table, have a conversation, turn off the screens
  • Enjoy every bite by taking time to chew – notice flavors and textures
  • Be present at mealtime


80% can feel very subjective, but the objective of this idea is feeling satisfied but not feeling full or stuffed. Foods these days, especially in restaurants, are very hyper-palatable, making it very easy to overeat. “It tastes so good!”  I get it, but overeating will make it difficult to lose weight or maintain weight, and will eventually lead to gaining weight.

How do I find 80% full?

  • Eat slowly and obserserve how you feel during the meal
  • Immediately take your plate away when you no longer feel hungry
  • Use a smaller plate and serve yourself a little bit less than your normal portion
  • Tune into your body and talk to your stomach!  By taking up to 20 minutes to finish your meal, your brain has time to “talk” to your stomach and let it know that you are in fact full!

While you are waiting for rule #3 to make its debut try out the following:

  • Eat fresh, brightly colored, minimally processed food!
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes at mealtime.
  • Focus on your presence and pace when eating.
  • Bring awareness to the feeling of satisfaction with your meal, avoid feeling full.  

Stay tuned for rule #3!

If you are looking for more information on our nutritional coaching program send us a message here!

Yours in health and strength,





5 Food Rules to Live by – Part 1

When looking at all the choices out there with nutrition, there are so many misconceptions of what is “healthy” and what is “unhealthy.”  There is so much information out there in the nutrition and “dieting” world (I hate the “D” word!).

Remember when…

Low fat diets were in?
And then it was low carb?

Breakfast was the most important meal of the day?
And then eating after 8pm made you fat?  

Eating 6 small meals a day “stoked the metabolism?”
And now intermittent fasting is all the rage?

Honestly, who has the time or energy to move through all of this misguided information?  My goal in this 5-part series “5 food rules to live by” is to make eating good food no longer negative experience, and to have a positive and impactful relationship with yourself and with the food that you eat.  

I want to start with how we got to where we are first.  Food marketing, social media and everything around us has made a huge impact on what we and our families end up eating.  Not knowing any better, we tend to believe many of the things we read regarding the “health benefits” and claims that marketers place on food products.  

I hate to say it, but we have been lied to for many, many years.  All of the marketing is built to sell products, and almost always products that are unhealthy for us and our family.  This is a multi-billion dollar industry, and we keep buying what the food marketers are selling!

Let us cut out all the noise and start with how to move past all the lies and misconceptions we have been told.  

Let’s get started on food rule #1…

Food Rule #1 – Eat REAL Food

There you have it, I know what you are thinking.  Easier said than done. Well, that is where we come in to help.  First, we need to distinguish what real food is and what that means.  I will offer these two distinctions:

  1. There is real food – defined as an edible substance that was at one time alive and growing.
  2.  Then there is “edible food-like substances” as author of “Food Rules” Michael Pollen points out.  These are highly processed concoctions designed by food scientists, consisting mostly of ingredients derived from corn and soy, and they contain chemical additives with which the human body has not long been acquainted.

Now that we have those 2 distinctions established, ask yourself this one question: Where is the majority of the food you are currently eating come from?   If 90% of your food comes from “edible food-like substances” then we will want to start making some small habit changes. The first step is identifying how much real food you are getting in your day versus not real food, then making very small “bite-size” changes to bring that percentage down 1% at a time.

We understand that everyone has certain emotional ties to certain foods.  Honestly, we all have these emotional ties and they usually started at a very, very young age for all of us (we can blame our parents here!).  If you threw a package of Red Vines in front of me, I would have a very hard time just looking at the package without eating them!

Here are some ideas for bringing back real food into your life.  The closer you can get to the growing source, the better. Try to get your food from these sources, in this order:  

  1.    Fresh
  2.    Frozen
  3.    Canned

Fresh foods are all of those great items that you come home from the grocery store with and usually need to immediately place in your fridge, and not in your pantry.  

There are many frozen options that are great for vegetables, meats, and much more, and this would be the second-best option to choose from.

Canned foods are also a great option.  Some things to look out for are sodium content, as well as other “added” ingredients that you may not be able to pronounce!  Check the label to make sure not much else is added besides the intended food that is supposed to be in the darn can!

Stay tuned for Rule #2, that has to do all with how to enjoy all of these amazing REAL foods once you start to eat them!  


Part 5 – “Beating Cancer is in our Blood”

Ben shares part 5 of his story and talks about:

  • What the next 10 weeks looks like for our Man and Woman of the Year campaign
  • How YOU can give back to such a great cause!

We are excited to be a part of the Man & Woman of the Year Campaign through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), and are excited to give back starting on Tuesday, March 5th 2019!  The first event we will have will be at the gym on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 with an Epic Fitness Charity Workout!

You can also sign up for the opportunity to try out Epic Fitness with our “21 Day Epic Experience”  VIP pass for just $89, and 100% of your purchase will get donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!  Act now, as we only have 15 spaces available for this very amazing deal!