2024 Upgrade Your Life Challenge

10th Annual Upgrade Your Life Challenge
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6 weeks to a stronger, healthier and happier you!


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We know how you may feel right now…

With 2023 almost over, it feels like you were never able to make your start into a healthy routine.  It is harder than ever to find an easy enough solution to get back where you once were with your health.

It is close to the new year and you are desperately looking for a proven solution that will get you feeling and looking your best.  But it is not just that.  You are looking for help with being able to sustain these good habits for longer than just 6 weeks.

You are also looking for a place you can trust to be safe, as well as a community that will help you feel connected during a time when you need it the most.  You just need a good reason to get started…

Join our 6-week Upgrade Your Life Challenge that is has changed hundreds of lives NOW!


Our 10th annual New Years Challenge begins the week of Monday, January 8th , 2024 and we’re only taking on a limited number of challengers so DON’T WAIT!

Check out some our our client’s amazing transformations:

Wendy H. – Lost 4+ inches off her waist and hip AND lost 8 pounds of fat!

Erin B. Lost 3+ inches total, and 11 pounds of fat, while gaining 4 pounds of muscle!

Most people work out just to work out.
  And there’s nothing wrong with that, if you’re not interested in specific results.

But we like setting goals, whether it’s weight loss, strength gain, and actually helping our clients to achieve their specific and measurable goals.

We’re fanatical about delivering RESULTS!  
Many of our clients have come to us after working out at big box gyms, trying random weight loss programs, and working with other personal trainers with little to no results.  Frankly, we pride ourselves on the results we are known to deliver to our clients.

I guess you can say that we like to create fitness and fat loss programs that produce results, and that our clients can stick to.

That’s a BIG thing…creating workout programs that are challenging enough to change your body, but fun and motivating, so you’ll stick with it.

Well, we’ve created and refined what we consider the best challenge to keep you motivated and accountable for the new year!

We call it the “Upgrade Your Life” Challenge and its fat-loss driven workouts and nutrition programming (not diet – we HATE diets!) is designed to transform your body, your life, AND your lifestyle in 6 weeks!  This is meant to be a sustainable lifestyle change, not just another quick fix.

This year is also different in that we are making this a team challenge.  You and one other individual get to team up together and your combined results will determine your outcome.  This is the ultimate accountability and motivational piece of the pie!

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Look at what a couple of our members were able to do once they carried out their sustainable habit change over the past year!

Ernie A. – Has lost 105 pounds over the past year by using sustainable habit change! 

Amy B. – Has lost over 50 pounds in less than 1 year by consistently showing up for herself every day!

Let’s say that again…

We’ve figured out how to help you transform your body AND your mind over a 42 day period of time without having to starve yourself or having to work out seven days a week.

Don’t get me wrong, our program does require you to work out and you’ll work out hard, but only 3-4 times per week.

And like I said, there’s no dieting or starving involved, just good ol’ sensible eating. We’ll give you a list of foods to eat, foods to avoid, and foods to exchange so you’ll get maximum fat burn from this program.

This program isn’t just about losing inches and weight either.  
It’s about sustainable habit change over the long term.  We will also be tracking your progress by looking at your overall body composition – that is, your overall body fat loss and lean muscle gained during the program!

Here is all that is included in the 6 week Upgrade Your Life Challenge:
  • Weekly Upgrade Your Life Workshop Meetings: Every  week we will get together as a group and ensure you are staying accountable to your goals and learning new sustainable habits every week. ($150 Value)
  • Weekly Team Workouts: These fun, team driven workouts will be offered each week prior to the workshop meetings and will get your metabolism revving! ($150 Value)
  • Daily Nutritional and Lifestyle Check-Ins:  Every day you will receive a text from us as you track the most important aspects of your health in an online nutritional and lifestyle journal. Each day you will track your habits to master the changes that you want to make. ($200 Value)
  • Bonus Dining Out Guide: This will be a go-to guide for whenever you dine out. ($97 Value)
  • Bonus Meal Prep Guide: This will be the simplest and most straightforward guide on how to meal prep and get the biggest bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time when meal prepping. ($97 Value)
  • 24/7 Text Support:  Have a question or need help day or night? We promise to get back to you and have your back day or night to ensure you are on the right track to success. ($150 Value)

You are probably wondering what the investment looks like for this  6 week challenge with the total value being $844!   

Your Investment: $596 (Black Friday Week Special – Save $100 and invest only $496!)

Join Waitlist! Only 5 SPOTS LEFT!


And as always, you’re going to have a ton of motivation and accountability because that’s our secret ingredient. Well, that and our awesome ability to help you burn fat and tone up fast!

Check out some more amazing transformations:

Santiago C. Lost over 7 inches total, and 12 pounds of fat!

Bevan H.  Lost over 4 inches total, and lost 7 pounds pounds of fat!


A few more things about the challenge and the CASH prizes.  For our top 3 teams we are handing out $3,500 in cash prizes!

We’ve created a really fun, motivating and high-energy program to help you look and feel truly AMAZING!

Best of all, this program is for any fitness level…whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working out for a long time, this program will work for you because it’s customized for your fitness level.

The Upgrade Your Lifestyle Challenge Includes:

  • 2 Intensive coaching sessions per week to go over your customized program with your coach that is individualized to exactly what you want to accomplish over the 6 week challenge.
  • Unlimited access to schedule “Client Led” sessions, where you will follow your program from our digital program design app.  This gives you access to train in our gym with your custom program and coaches assistance in a fun, save environment.
  • Access to live in-person classes up to 5 times per week on where you get to workout with a coach in a fun group setting
  • Unlimited Coaching Support from our entire coaching staff.  You will never be alone at the gym as a coach will always be there to help coach you.

All you need to do now is follow these two easy steps…

Step 1.  Join the waitlist below and schedule a call with us to make sure you are a great fit for this program, and we are a great fit for you.


Step 2.  Show up, have fun and see amazing results!  

We can’t wait to see you in the gym!!

Your Epic Fitness Family!

PS!  – Here are some more amazing client stories of people JUST LIKE YOU that started at Epic Fitness in our New Year’s Challenge, and now have become members…check out their amazing stories below!

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