MaryLynne’s Epic Journey

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, MaryLynne! MaryLynne is a true example of why so many people need a “challenge” to get started.
The reasons she did a challenge to start was to:
– Stop feeling sluggish
– Start a new routine, and become re-invigorated
– Have a coach to design a plan, so she didn’t need to think about what to do
The reasons she keeps coming back after almost 4 years is because:
– She continues to see RESULTS!
– She now has energy
– She feels great about herself
– She doesn’t want to stop
– It is fun, and the members, the coaches and the community are amazing – it is like a family!
– She is no longer pre-diabetic!
– She wanted to feel better than how she had been feeling, and now she does!
What MaryLynne realized is once she made working out and healthy habits a daily routine in her life, she made a decision to never quit! Check out below what keeps MaryLynne coming back and also her advice to anyone on how to get started.

Are you ready to start with a challenge, get a kickstart with your routine and see where it takes you?  The “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge can be a perfect solution for you!

Check out more information below and see how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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