Chances are, you don’t drink enough water. Approximately 75% of Americans are reported to be chronically dehydrated. That’s three out of four people! It’s hard to remember to drink water throughout the day, especially if you have a busy schedule. However, dehydration could be causing a myriad of symptoms. Start by carrying a water bottle around with you; it will bring your attention to hydration more often, hopefully increasing your water intake.


Why Should I Drink More Water?

Goals Are Key




One of the keys to success is setting goals. If we actively think about what we want our outcome to be, we are that much closer to building a clear picture of how we will get there. If we passively do things because maybe, one day, it will do us some good, progress rarely follows. So, sit down for 10 minutes are write down some of your goals! If anything, it will align you with thoughts and actions that will begin to help you achieve those goals, now that you have clearly recognized them as such.